More Than Megapixels – Episode 14 – Deep Blue and Big Pixels

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Dwight, Aaron and Sean return to discuss old pictures lost to the deeps, ornaments used for creative shots, big pixel sensors, and more

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  • Hasteur asks: After you understand your first lens, what is the next Lens you should get as a aspiring photographer?It really depends on what you are shooting most with your first lens. Find that which you shoot, or want to shoot, but can’t with your current lens, and fill that void.
  • When do I know I am ready to move into professional photography?When you are making enough to pay for your medical isurance, or if you are laid off, no time like the present!
  • Gibbs: Best way to take Food shots?Have the back drop be a giant green shower curtain, and you can have the backdrop be whatever you want.

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